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Large Business

Large Business

Enterprise data management solutions that meet the complex needs of organizations required to securely and efficiently move large amounts of data to meet stringent stakeholder and regulatory demands.



Robust data management solutions designed specifically for your business, reducing complexity and giving you control to ensure data is secure, while fitting your budget.

Globalscape: the only way to achieve success!

Business requirements from customers, partners and vendors add multiple layers of complexity in your IT infrastructure. Add to this aggressive timelines for project completion and sometimes you have to meet nearly impossible to meet your goals. It’s no wonder that 54% of organizations have over-runs in time, dollars and unforeseen fixes.  See how Globalscape can help you implement a world-class, 360 degree MFT solution, on time and on-budget.


Three Mistakes IT Makes that Could Cost Your Organization Millions


IT departments are busy. However, when details get lost in the shuffle costly mistakes happen and can carry a heavy price tag, affecting your personal reputation and that of your organization.

5 Rings of Data Integration Hell


Whether you are dealing with huge and complex datasets, disparate systems, or Big Data, sometimes the data integration journey can be quite the hellish experience.

Be Afraid of Your Shadow


Are you confident that employees are only using IT-sanctioned devices and applications to get their jobs done?  If the answer is “no,” then your IT infrastructure and sensitive data are far more vulnerable to being breached by hackers and cybercriminals.

Learn to take your business to the next level

Customer data integration with iPaaS will help you deliver a positive customer onboarding process.

How to Wow Customers During the Onboarding Process

The customer onboarding process is an important event between you and your customer. It sets the stage for what they will come to expect from you and how they will perceive your business. Find out how you can wow your customers during the onboarding process in our latest blog.

The Cloud Is Here to Stay

Beyond the Buzz: The Cloud Is Here to Stay

The cloud is no longer a buzzword. It is not a marketing trend, nor is it a fad. The cloud is a way of life and a way to engage with customers in the fastest way possible.