EFT Express

Secure file transfer software for your business

File transfer and sharing platform for your organization’s important data

Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Express enables business partners, customers and employees to share information safely and securely. EFT Express replaces insecure legacy systems, homegrown servers, expensive leased lines and VANs with a simple, secure and easy to use alternative.


Rapid Implementation

EFT Express is quick and easy to setup. Install it and start sending files in less than an hour.


Easy to Use

Templates and role-based access controls make EFT Express super simple to administer. Intuitive file sharing features like the Outlook Add-in and Workspaces make it easy for end-users to share files.


Security and Compliance for Your Business

Robust security like FIPS 140-2 compliant libraries and a variety of modern ciphers protects your company’s important data. Comprehensive audits and logging make compliance mandates easier to meet.

Automate Secure Backups

EFT Express can be used to automate backups for applications that need SFTP backup functionality, like Cisco Unified Communication Manager and other VOIP solutions.

Share Files Securely

EFT Express can be used to securely share files with people inside and outside your organization, with the Workspaces module’s Outlook Add-in, the Web Transfer Client and the Drop-off Portal