Manage File Transfers for Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMB)

EFT SMB is fully scalable to fit your business needs and can be upgraded with modules to provide advanced features, as needed. As with our enterprise managed file transfer solution, EFT SMB can improve upon secure FTP and SFTP server integration and provide the advantage of automated data exchanges, military-proven security, and infrastructure stability for small-to-medium businesses.

EFT SMB boosts operational efficiency by combining a powerful server with an automated client module. Our managed file transfer software gives you the best of both secure file transfer components through advanced automation and a powerful server, all in one platform. Allowing you to:

  • Set up quickly and intuitively 
  • Automate file transfers, especially two-way transfers
  • Reduce errors and points of failure
  • Reduce file transfer setup time by up to 80 percent

Manage Your Business and Let EFT SMB Automate Your Data Processes

Testing: EFT SMB can automate the delivery of data when it's needed, instead of when you have time to do it, increasing your day-to-day productivity and overall operational efficiency. Automation allows you to move and deliver data without constant manual intervention, saving time and minimizing potential costly errors. The automation features in EFT SMB provide more control than SFTP servers, and a more efficient and secure data exchange process than FTP, allowing you to automate data exchanges among employees, internal systems, remote offices, suppliers, partners, and customers.

  • Custom Commands - The Custom Commands interface built into EFT SMB executes programs, scripts, or batch files with or without command-line arguments, providing administrators almost limitless flexibility.
  • The Folder Monitor module - The Folder Monitor module creates an Event Rule trigger used to detect the creation, deletion, and renaming of files in a monitored folder and to perform Actions based on these triggers. You can define an Event Rule so that when EFT SMB detects that a file has been added to the folder, an email is sent to notify one or more users that the file is available.
  • The Timer module - The Timer module allows you to execute a specified Action (e.g., generate and send a report) only one time or repeatedly at specified intervals.
  • The File Transfer Client module - The File Transfer Client module enables EFT SMB admins to define copy, move, and download actions in Event Rules.

Meet Security and Compliance Requirements with EFT SMB

EFT SMB offers built-in security features and its optional modules help protect your data and facilitate compliance with government and industry regulations, like PCI DSS, SOX, GLB, HIPAA, FIPS, and others. From using secure protocols to following the security requirements of the most rigorous compliance standards, EFT SMB securely manages data exchanges among employees, clients, and partners using secure protocols, message integrity, and data encryption. Using standard, non-proprietary protocols to makes it easy for any authorized clients to connect to EFT SMB.

  • Secure data with SSL/TLS - EFT SMB supports SSL/TLS for client and server authentication, message integrity, and encryption. You can configure security features to verify users' identities, allow users to verify your identity, and to encrypt file transfers. FTPS is an enhancement to standard FTP that uses secure FTP commands over secure sockets.
  • Transfer Files Over HTTPS - The HTTPS Module adds the HTTPS protocol to EFT SMB, enabling you to support browser-based transfers without having to install a web server.
  • Transfer Files over SFTP/SSH - The SFTP module adds the SFTP protocol to EFT SMB, enabling you to authenticate and transfer data with SFTP-ready FTP clients, such as CuteFTP. EFT SMB allows you to upgrade your SFTP server with the best of both worlds.
  • Secure Proprietary Data in the Trusted Network - DMZ Gateway® is Globalscape’s multi-platform solution that works in conjunction with EFT SMB to create a multi-layered security solution does not store or process data. The DMZ Gateway acts as a communication proxy through the “Demilitarized Zone” to your internal network, replacing inherently insecure inbound connections. Your proprietary data always remains safe behind the firewall for EFT SMB to store and process.
  • Meet or Exceed Security Mandates - Achieve or exceed security practices mandated by the most rigorous standards, including PCI DSS, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) with the High Security Module (HSM) for Enhanced File Transfer.
  • Encrypt Data at Rest - Protect your data by encrypting what is uploaded to or sent from EFT SMB and secure your stored data using OpenPGP data encryption technology.

Anywhere Access

EFT SMB offers browser-based and mobile clients to allow end users to access and share files securely, from anywhere.

  • Transfer Files From Any Web Browser - Give your business partners access to data with our web-based client that can be used on any modern browser, leaving a small footprint that’s easy on your resources.
  • Secure Anytime, Anywhere Access to Files - Secure anytime, anywhere access to information stored on EFT SMB with our purpose-built mobile client. You control the access.
  • Secure File Sharing Across the Enterprise - Employees can easily and securely share folders and their files between internal and external users, without sacrificing the highest levels of control, visibility, and governance. The Workspaces module for EFT SMB is the only secure file sharing solution that supports customizable workflow automation.