EFT High Availability (HA) Deployment

Sophisticated HA capabilities help reduce downtime and increase performance of your file transfer infrastructure

Did you know that the average cost that of a downtime incident is $740,350? (Emerson Network Power Study, "2016 Cost of Data  Center Outages")  Your organization needs reliable and seamless access to your data and IT infrastructure. Downtime can be a very expensive risk, interferring with your business continuity.

Maximize your network uptime with an active-active configuration and horizontal scalability. EFT High Availability (HA) provides dialtone available active-active deployment providing HA using multiple EFT instances and a load balancer for non-stop availability of your network. Unlike active-passive failover clustering, all of the nodes in EFT HA are put to work in production--with no standby hardware, and no clustering software.

Downtime Risks

  • Scheduled maintenance and migration
  • Component failure/bugs
  • Network outages
  • Human error
  • Severe weather events
  • Cybercrime (DDoS attacks)

Downtime Costs

  • Decreased productivity
  • Violating SLAs
  • Missed business objectives
  • Lost business and revenue
  • Damaged reputation
  • Lost IT time and productivity


  • Achieve "always on" service for maximum uptime"
  • Support larger file transfer and event rull processing workloads
  • Synchronize nodes with message queuing
  • Easily manage your entire high availability cluster through a single admin instance, with no limit on how many nodes can be added
  • Works with industry-standard load balancers
  • No cluster-management software required—EFT Enterprise does that internally
  • Easy installation, configuration, and management
  • Automate workflows and event processing between 

Control Spikes in Network Traffic

Now you can control spikes in network traffic, minimize scalability limitations, and maximize the efficiency of large and complex environments. EFT HA works in conjunction with F5 BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™ (BIG-IP LTM®) to secure enterprise data at rest and in transit, without interruption.

Active-Active Clustering Available in Amazon Web Services

Moving to the cloud? You can ensure the availability of your file transfer infrastructure in AWS with EFT Enterprise. EFT will be able to provide intra- and inter-region high availability deployed across multiple Availability Zones (AZs), thus providing more protection against failures in a single AZ.