Multi-layered security, customized for your business needs

No matter which version of EFT you start with, you can customize your managed file transfer solution to provide enhanced compliance protections, process files through antivirus and data loss prevention tools, track and report on file transfers, and more.

OpenPGP Module

The OpenPGP module employs industry-standard OpenPGP technology to safeguard data at rest. The OpenPGP module uses a combination of strong public-key and symmetric cryptography to provide security services for electronic communications and data storage. These services include confidentiality, key management, authentication, and digital signatures. OpenPGP uses a public key and a private key to encrypt data and maintain security.

High Security Module (HSM)

High Security module (HSM) achieves or exceeds security practices mandated by the most rigorous standards, including PCI DSS, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and many others. Whether your business is obligated to comply or you simply desire the utmost in file transfer security standards, the HSM is your solution for securing data transfer, access, and storage.

With the HSM, you can:

  • Manage EFT with your Windows accounts
  • Maintain ongoing standards compliance
  • Configure your security setup with ease
  • Protect your data at rest and in transit
  • Control access to data
  • Actively monitor PCI DSS compliance

DMZ Gateway®

DMZ Gateway® is a multi-platform solution that works in conjunction with the Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT) platform and/or Mail Express to create a multi-layered security solution for data storage and retrieval, authentication, and firewall traversal. Using a two-way connection originating inside EFT and/or Mail Express, the DMZ Gateway acts as a communication proxy that replaces inherently insecure inbound connections from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to your network.  

Here’s how DMZ Gateway combines security and efficiency to protect your data:

  • Data isn’t stored in the DMZ
  • Virtual authentication
  • Supports all protocols allowed by EFT (FTP/S, SFTP, HTTP/S, AS2, HTTPS)
  • Transparent to your partners
  • No storage, synchronization, or replication of user database needed
  • Support for Linux, Solaris,  and Windows operating systems