4 Ways to Win at Customer Support Using Data Automation

Chances are, customer satisfaction is a metric crucial to your business. Are you providing customer support that delights or frustrates your customers?

Companies that achieve great customer support have something in common - they can sync their information about each customer across teams and systems.

For example, does the data in a tool like Zendesk get in the right hands via integration with Jira for project management?  Are problems escalated quickly via instant messaging via Slack integration? Does satisfaction data captured in a tool like SurveyMonkey update records via integration with Salesforce?  

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Two ways data connectivity makes it easy for your customers to get great support from you
  • Three ways to supercharge your support performance metrics with automation
  • Four ways to automate customer feedback to improve support
Learn 4 Proven Ways to Optimize Customer Support with Automation