Is FTP Really Enough?

The Business Risks of Using FTP 

FTP is a common way to transmit information, but there’s a hitch: It lacks visibility, control, and important data protections when files are being transferred. Ultimately, FTP is only a mechanism which presents more issues than it does business benefits. 

If you are using FTP to transfer business data, then you are ultimately sacrificing core capabilities that are require to not only succeed, but also to sustain your organization in the complex and fast-paced environment that you operate in today. 

In this guide, “Is FTP Really Enough: The Business Risks of Using FTP,” we discuss:  

  • The evolution of FTP and its role in today’s business environment
  • Critical challenges that businesses face when they use FTP to move data 
  • Common FTP misconceptions 
  • How to better reduce business risks and while enhancing the security and efficiency of your data 
IS FTP Really Enough?