Automate Data Exchange Across Systems or Applications

Inefficiencies within the IT infrastructure can wreak havoc, not only within your IT department, but throughout your organization. Data management goes far beyond the data you produce, store, and move. What’s crucial to an organization’s short-term and long-term sustainability will also fall to an organization’s ability to securely and efficiently manage their data.

Data transfers and business workflow processes can often be overlooked in an organization. Forgotten in the shuffle of daily tasks and processes, most organizations don’t realize there’s an issue until something goes wrong. Lost data, especially data that contains sensitive information, such as employee or customer details, can be disastrous. Failure to meet service level agreements (SLAs), or dealing with a data breach, can be hugely detrimental to an organization’s reputation.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Slow and inefficient data transfer processes waste valuable company resources. When your organization relies on manual and intermittent batch processes to deliver the data they need, day-to-day productivity becomes vulnerable to manpower limitations, vacations, turnover, and simple human error. Automating your file transfer processes allows you to deliver data reliably and efficiently. 

Data transfer automation with a managed file transfer solution will help an organization:

  • Reduce human error with enhanced reliability
  • Increase transparency and control over transfers with automated reporting
  • Save time and meet service level agreements (SLAs) by automating tasks

Workflow Management

Workflow management with a MFT solution means IT teams and organizations are more efficient and productive, saving time by eliminating time-consuming manual processes.

Automated file transfers performed through MFT solutions allow companies to:

  • Monitor and track all file transfers from a central platform
  • Securely and reliably exchange sensitive information
  • Automate file transfer processes
  • Maintain visibility over all file transfer activity
  • Meet and maintain security and compliance requirements

With the right MFT solution, automated workflow management is easy. You can create complex programmatic workflows without a programming background. For any workflow management scenario that you can imagine, the right MFT solution can automate your secure file transfer systems, while eliminating security concerns and manual processes.

Reduce Staffing Costs

When your IT support staff is at full capacity, it places limitations on their schedules. When your current IT staff does not have time to set up secure file transfers, it may seem like hiring additional staff would be the answer. However, managed file transfer (MFT) offers an easy way to reduce staffing costs with its automated data management capabilities.