Replace Legacy File Transfer System

Your company didn’t start out with large, dispersed business units. You started small, slowly built capital, and then, business progressed, and your company grew bigger—more employees, more office space, and more IT resources.

Disparate IT systems can lead to a wide range of problems for your organization, some of which include higher costs stemming from system upgrades, partner connection difficulties, and system management, among others.

It’s time to replace your legacy file transfer system if you face the following scenarios:

  • Changes or turnover in the IT department has caused different software, scripts, or methods used
  • Different versions of the same software are installed on different systems
  • Security rules are different (e.g., one system permits SFTP and the others might only permit FTP or HTTPS)
  • Having a full-time IT employee who manages to keep one system functioning at all times

System Upgrades are Not Cost-Efficient

If your business started out with outsourced IT support or you’ve had some turnover in the IT department over time, it means several different IT professionals have introduced their own methods, custom coding, and software into your environment. Those scripts need to be maintained, each piece of software must be updated regularly, and as employees and contractors move on, their knowledge of those tools moves on with them.

Much of the software in use might have the very same purpose, but it’s installed on different systems—and you have to pay to upgrade each of them.

The Cost of Managing Disparate Systems is Expensive

Managing multiple systems creates costs in not only time, but money. Keeping each system running can be a 24/7 job, sometimes requiring additional employees to assist with covering weekends and evening shifts, increasing expenses. Even if you outsource some of your mission-critical systems, you still have to exchange that sensitive data with a third-party vendor or partner. This can be a data management nightmare.

Consolidate Multiple File Servers

Globalscape’s information exchange solutions enable you and your team to gain more efficient control of file transfers, and eliminate multiple legacy systems, providing the following benefits:

  • Replace all proprietary coded and scripted systems, and automate your data workflows without custom programming
  • Protect data in transit and at rest within your partner community
  • Securely exchange data with your whole partner community from day one without any client deployment
  • Receive a significant Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Future-proof IT with a solution that continues to grow as your business grows

Globalscape offers a variety of secure file sharing and mobile access solutions to give flexibility to employees, customers, and partners—and gives you control of data security.