Securely Share Files with Internal and External Users

Data is the life-blood of your business and ensuring that it moves efficiently and securely (both in and outside of your organization) is critical. Yet, for something so important, many organizations are littered with non-compliant and rogue data exchange solutions, making their network ripe for security breaches and failed data transactions. The use of unsanctioned devices and applications, known as shadow IT, causes a wide range of problems for organizations, including insecure data transmission and lack of visibility and control, putting your business data at risk.

Say goodbye to shadow IT by deploying a secure file sharing solution available to users inside and outside of your network. This makes it easier for end users to accomplish their business objectives, and easier for you to protect your infrastructure from the security risks that often accompany shadow IT. A secure file sharing solution makes it easy for end users to share files of any kind via any web browser, and provides all users with access to edit, upload, and download both folders and files.

  • Empower users with secure file sharing
  • IT retains full control and visibility
  • Centralize the management of file sharing

Data Security

Quality enterprise solutions will provide robust permission controls and operational visibility for enhanced network and data security like, 128-bit SSL encryption in transit or 256-bit AES encryption at rest.

Data Protection and Back-Up

As a safety precaution, data protection and backup will protect the integrity of the data when new content or edits are created.

Fully Customizable

Whether you need enhanced analytics for reporting and monitoring or advanced levels of control for operational efficiency, a secure file sharing tool will offer a solution to benefit the security, efficiency, and collaboration needs of a business.


The ability to have anytime, anywhere access to files enables employees to be productive from any location and with most mobile devices, depending on your organization’s BYOD and security policies.


In a collaborative environment, an organization’s IT administrator can maintain full control and visibility over who can access, edit and update folders or files. Enabling collaboration through a secure file sharing solution means security vulnerabilities are reduced.

Compliance Controls

Compliance regulations vary from country to country, and they also vary depending on the type of data you manage. For organizations considering a file sharing solution, you need to gain an understanding about the legal requirements to avoid inadvertent compliance violations.

When evaluating secure file sharing tools and how they’re deployed, it’s important to consider the type, size, and volume of data that you have and expect to store and manage. It’s also important to consider compliance, scalability, and budget. Are you interested in a secure encrypted email solution? Do you need an end-to-end managed file transfer system? By defining your organization’s file sharing needs and business goals, while also understanding how you plan to use your new solution, it will make it a lot easier to determine which file sharing solution best fits your organization.

Deploying a securing file sharing solution to manage ad hoc data exchanges can make a huge difference to your business. With an enterprise-grade file sharing solution you will be able to empower your end users to securely share corporate data whether they are on a mobile device or on your network collaborating with colleagues or business partners. At the same time you retain the control and security over your environment, allowing your end users to remain efficient and productive.